Brook Ensemble
27/07/07 The Broadway Mall centre in Edgware
28/07/07 10.30am-12.30am The exchange Mall in Ilford.
03/08/07 10.30am-4pm-The Festival Place-Basingstoke.
09/08/07 10.30am -3.45pm-The pavillions Mall in Uxbridge.
11/08/07 11am -4pm -The exchange Mall in Ilford
24/08/07 10.30am-3.45pm-The pavillions Mall in Uxbridge.
25/08/07 10.30am to 4pm -The Festival Place in Basingstoke.
15/09/07 10.30am-3.45pm-The Pavillions Mall in Uxbridge.
23/02/08 String quartet recital at the United Reformed Church in Maldon Essex at 8pm.
16/05/08 Jacqueline performs with The Marianne Olyver Orchestra at the Ongar music club at Budwell Hall in Ongar.

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